Friday, September 7, 2012

WOW... Let's give this another try.

So apparently I have been absent for... ohhhh... just a year!  I have been very busy raising to overly active little girls.  Ella is now THREE and Clara is ONE!  Time, please slow down.  They both attend preschool at our church, yes, even Clara.  My mother-in-law teaches the ONES, so she gets quality time with her Grandmother :) and I get three hours every Monday Wednesday, and Friday to do housework whatever I want!! So here is my attempt at blogging again.

Today while the kiddos were at school, mom and I went thrifting.  I walked away with a $10 mirror, $4 stool, and $1 pillow.

The mirror will be hung above my vanity, after it is spray painted.  

The stool and pillow were turned into this... idea= thanks to my mother :) 

I just used some extra fabric that I had leftover from my curtain project last week, and went staple gun crazy!

More post and projects to come soon... hopefully.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ella has been attending the preschool summer program at our church for the past five Wednesdays and today was her last day.  So my mom and I decided to do a little "thrifting" to pass the time.  It seems that satchels have been the trend this summer and I found the cutest leather one for only $3.95...

 and these vintage glass wine carafes for only .99 cent a pop...

 they fit in lovely with my Mason jars.

Happy thrifting!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY jewelry organizer

I met my mom for lunch yesterday and once again we decided that we needed a "craft" to do.  It had to be something quick and easy because we now have two little ones to entertain.  I had seen a cork board jewelry organizer on pinterest and thought that would be fun to make, so off to Home Depot to pick out our spray paint and then WalMart to buy the cork board and push pins.  My mom used an old frame and I used an old gold mirror.

I chose Ivory in a gloss finish and wooden push pins for a vintage look.  I also glued twine down the edges and adorned the corners with some twine swirls.  It now hangs in my closet displaying all my earrings and a couple of necklaces.  The hubby even thought it was quite impressive, calling it, "a piece of art". HaHa!

I also had an old frame lying around and decided to spray paint it the same ivory and the matting lime green.  I then popped in a piece of the cork board and added some push pins and now I have a cute note board for the office :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mirror update...

 Here is my sunburst mirror hung on the wall coming from the foyer and into the kitchen.  At first I wanted to spray paint it a bright/bold color but then chose my favorite Heirloom White and I love it!

And for your viewing pleasure...  :)
Aren't they so sweet?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY sunburst mirror

While browsing the internet I came across a DIY sunburst mirror and decided to give it a go...


~2 packs dry cedar shims ( I paid around $3 at Home Depot)
~an 8'' and 12'' floral ring ($3 at Michaels)
~a center mirror (your size of choice, I bought an 8" one from Michaels for $4)
 ~ a glue gun

I started by attaching my first layer of shims to the larger floral ring.

Then I attached one shim along the backside to join the two floral rings.

I then glued down the top layer, filling in the gaps between the larger layer, onto the smaller floral ring.

Next, I glued the mirror on.  
At first I liked the natural look, but I decided that I wanted a bolder look, so I am going to spray paint it today.  I should have waited to attach the mirror, oh well.
 Now I just have to pick a color.  
(Will post updated picture when complete)

Grand total for this DIY project $10, and if I remembered my Michaels coupon...arrrgghhh... it would have been much cheaper!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Come on in!

Here are a few snapshots of our new home... 

The foyer.

My favorite.

Another view of the foyer.

The study/office.

The living room and dining room.

My barn door table.  The chandelier was brass and Josh spray painted it gunmetal.

My blue Mason jars.

View from den.

We switched out the boring light fixture with the red pendant lights.
(After buying 3 different colors of paint, I finally decided on the green)

Our bedroom.

Our bathroom.

Our bathroom.
(and Ella's cute little frog potty)

Clara's room.
 The green carpet will soon be replaced but for now I just rolled with it and decided on a outdoor garden theme for the room.
 (Ella was napping so I couldn't take a pic of her room)

Laundry room.  
( I want a fancy schmancy laundry room, so the hubby said it can be our next project)

(Can you find the sleepy head?)

Sea glass collection.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello Blog World!  There have been a lot of changes here at the Curling corner...

  • We finally found renters for our condo in Va Beach and moved in with my parents while we began house hunting in Chesapeake and waiting for our loan approval.

  • We celebrated Memorial Day weekend in Rodanthe... also our last photo as a family of "3".

  • I turned the big 25... eeek!  

  • We FINALLY closed on our house and moved in while I was 37 weeks pregnant!  Talk about stressful!

  • We have been enjoying our pool and all the good things about summer... especially watermelon :)

  • There was lots of showering for Miss Clara from great friends & family.

  • Some last minute fun at The Children's Museum before Miss Clara's arrival.

  • Clara Fae was born on July 2, 2011 at 9:02 am after just two pushes and weighed 7.10 pounds, 20 inches.  She has been such a blessing to our lives already!

  • Two days later we were home and celebrated the ***4th of July***.

  • Ella started her summer preschool program and was sooo excited to take her new Elmo lunchbox to her first day of school.  

  • Now that things have slowed down a bit, we have been clocking in a lot of time at the beach and Clara is already a beach bum like her sister :)  I LOVE summer time!