Friday, September 7, 2012

WOW... Let's give this another try.

So apparently I have been absent for... ohhhh... just a year!  I have been very busy raising to overly active little girls.  Ella is now THREE and Clara is ONE!  Time, please slow down.  They both attend preschool at our church, yes, even Clara.  My mother-in-law teaches the ONES, so she gets quality time with her Grandmother :) and I get three hours every Monday Wednesday, and Friday to do housework whatever I want!! So here is my attempt at blogging again.

Today while the kiddos were at school, mom and I went thrifting.  I walked away with a $10 mirror, $4 stool, and $1 pillow.

The mirror will be hung above my vanity, after it is spray painted.  

The stool and pillow were turned into this... idea= thanks to my mother :) 

I just used some extra fabric that I had leftover from my curtain project last week, and went staple gun crazy!

More post and projects to come soon... hopefully.

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  1. That mirror is awesome. So glad you are back to blogging. I love seeing your projects.